In today’s society it is normal for an individual to experience visual impairments through a variety of reasons. Whether it is from a natural occurrence of vision fading away, injuries to the brain/eyes, or a disease, it is vital for an individual that notices themselves or their loved ones going through visual problems to get them addressed immediately.

At Southern Low Vision, we specialize in vision therapy and are proud to serve the local community of Ocean Springs, MS. .. We have a team of highly trained professionals capable of providing proper vision therapy to our patients on a daily basis.
We have prospective and new clients consistently inquire us about what vision therapy is about. Here are a few FAQs that we want you to definitely know about:

Q: What is vision therapy?
Vision therapy is a method to assisting individuals with visual impairment problems through non-surgical procedures.

Q: How does it work?
On a daily basis we have many prospective clients that are experiencing vision problems, but are not completely aware of how vision therapy works. We have absolutely no problem relaying all of the information that a patient needs to know (and a parent/caretaker should be aware of).

Q: Does vision therapy include any physical surgeries?
There are a variety of severe vision problems that require surgery, however, there are methods such as visual exercises and training they remedy some situations. Vision therapy utilizes progressive exercises and procedures with the supervision of doctor supervision in-office. It is important to note that each patient may have similar visual needs, but our team will individualize the programs necessary to treat him or her.

Q: What type of equipment is used for vision therapy?
During vision therapy, there are some medical equipment that may be used such as (but not limited to), corrective/therapeutic/prism lenses, electronic targets (with timing mechanism), balance boards, optical filters, and more.

Q: What studies are involved with vision therapy?
When you inquire our services, we will begin to schedule weekly meetings that will be conducted in-office for a set interval time. As we provide the progressive program under your doctor’s supervision, you will also be able to utilize supplemental procedures at home as well. The best way to see results fast with vision therapy is through fostering a repetitive routine.

Over the years it has been proven that vision therapy programs are amazing non-surgical options for patients to use. In addition to the latter, these services provide the same results of either completely curing the problem or making vision problems easier for patients. As time progresses new methods, procedures, and programs are being created to be tailor made for specific patients appropriately.

Q: How can we contact your team for more information?
When you would like to inquire more information about vision therapy our team will be prepared for you. As a vision therapy company with years of experience and a very amazing team, we are proud to serve the local community in every way that we possibly can. We want to provide our prospective and current patients with all of the information that is possible for understanding what the benefits are.

You can call our team via phone during our business hours at (866) 771-2040. For more general questions/concerns that does not require immediate attention, we are available to be reached via e-mail at your discretion.

On our website visit the contact page where you can fill out the short form with as much or as little details as you would like. A representative from our team will respond to your inquiry in a timely fashion.