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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Fields has allowed me some independence I thought was gone forever.

Low Vision Testimonial BruceLauneyMy vision went from normal to the current loss of central vision in only a couple of weeks. The glasses I have as a result of Dr. Fields have allowed me some independence I thought was gone forever. I have found the reading glasses to be most helpful in places like restaurants. Now, instead of my wife having to read the menu to me, I can read it myself. They also come in handy in countless ways around the house doing things I formerly took for granted. The TV Watching glasses have allowed me to again enjoy TV. I thought that enjoyment was also lost but now I can watch and enjoy ball games, the news and weather, as well as my favorite programs. I really enjoyed them when I went to one of my grandson’s basketball games.

- Bruce L.

I received my glasses today and I was extremely happy! Thank you Dr.Fields for all you do and for making it possible to see again!

- A. Taylor

Dear Dr. Fields, I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful service you have given me for many years and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for fitting me with binocular glasses which have given me back the quality of life. My thanks once again. Yours Faithfully, J. Keary

- J. Keary

Low Vision Patient Ablet To Watch TV From A Distance Again

Thank You Letter From A Happy Patient

Thank you not from a happy patient

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